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BuddyBeautiful is dedicated to providing the highest quality weight loss supplements, daily supplements, hair care and skin care products to our customers. Our proprietary formulas contain the most sought after ingredients available on the market today.

What Inspired  BuddyBeautiful ?

The best "Buddy" anyone can have is you!  You need to feel good about yourself and you deserve to. Here at the BuddyBeautiful shop you'll find the highest quality products formulated exclusively to "BuddyBeautiful' exacting standards.   Formulated to make you look and feel like the beautiful person you are.  Formulated to make you feel good about yourself.

We stand behind all of our products and offer a full money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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What Inspired ?

16 years ago, my wonderful wife Nancy was upset because night after night, after she put the children to bed, she would snack on junk food. At first she just ate a cookie or two and that was enough. But over time, two cookies turned in six and before long, she was eating the entire box.

Nancy says, "I was running after the kids all day and by the time they were in bed I was completely exhausted. When I get tired like that I begin craving sweets and I would tell myself, 'I'll just have a two while I relax and watch TV,' and then I'd think, 'I worked really hard today, I deserve to treat myself," and I'd eat a few more. Then the whole box would be empty and I'd feel guilty and embarrassed about what I'd done."

Now, to me, Nancy has always had a nice figure but like a lot of women, she always felt she would look better if she could just lose five pounds. Needless to say, the late night cookie binges were extremely upsetting to her because even though she knew what she was doing wasn't good for her health or her figure, she just couldn't stop.

Watching Nancy struggle was hard for me, too. I tried to be an understanding husband. I patiently listened, and tried to give suggestions. Basically doing what husbands do, try to fix things. This of course, made Nancy even more upset! Here's what Nancy says about that period:

"Joey would make suggestions like, 'just limit yourself to two cookies," or "don't buy those cookies anymore," and even though I knew he was just trying to help, I felt even more frustrated because those were suggestions I made to myself, too! The other thing was Joey wasn't struggling with late night eating, I was."

It seemed like there was nothing I could do to help her. This was frustrating but it also got me thinking if support from a loving, supportive husband wasn't enough, what would it take?

Then, it occurred to me: maybe I©m part of the problem! Maybe what Nancy needs is, a "buddy,© someone other than me, someone outside of her circle of family and close friends to talk to. The buddy would be someone who was caring and compassionate but had the objectivity that family and close friends lacked.

But where would Nancy find this buddy?

Then I had a revelation. Nancy wasn't alone. There must be hundreds, probably thousands of people just like Nancy out there. People who had loving families and supportive friends but needed something more to lose weight successfully.

What if all of these people could somehow buddy up with one another to support each other around dieting and weight loss? Would this make them more successful?

Intrigued, I looked into what medical science had to about my buddy idea, and sure enough, study after study showed that those people who enlisted the aid of a "Buddy© were more successful at losing weight and keeping it off than those who went it alone. . 

The answer lies in getting a Buddy. Someone you can turn to 24/7 whenever you feel the urge to overeat; someone who will support you on days when you "just don't feel like" taking your daily walk or going to your aerobics class.

That©s why I started People helping people. And if you can©t find someone, we©ll be your "Buddy© We©re here for you 24/7. That©s what WeightLossBuddy is all about.

And Nancy? Eventually she found a "Buddy© to chat with. Instead of eating late at night she chats on-line with her "buddy©. She lost the weight and kept it off and is a big fan of the site.  Here's what Nancy says about how having a buddy made a difference:

"There's something about having someone who has struggled with the same issues that makes me take their advice more seriously. I guess I feel like, 'if my buddy can do this, I can, too.'

Your good Buddy




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